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Excavation Services

Site Preparation

Beemer Companies provides residential and commercial site preparation services throughout Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. From the construction of grain storage to hog barns to houses, Beemer Companies is the site preparation contractor to meet your needs. We know the importance of grading your site correctly and timely, so we have a top of the line fleet of equipment along with experienced employees to tackle your site preparation project.

Wetland Restoration

Wetland restoration work can often be challenging due to the fact that you are trying to restore an environment back to its preexisting habitat after it has been severely impacted due to natural and human conditions.

Beemer Companies is committed to establishing a strong working relationship with environmental consultants, local DNR, and oversight agencies to ensure proper restoration of delicate wetland ecosystems.

Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Preventing pollution from run off, controlling erosion and managing storm water is critical to the long term success and regulatory compliance of any construction project. Getting erosion and sediment control right takes careful site evaluation and an ability to solve engineering challenges in economic and environmentally sound ways.

At Beemer Companies, our experienced team provides the complete erosion and sediment control package. That means you're getting a reliable specialist resource you can depend on throughout the project.

Soil Stabilization

Beemer Companies understands that the long term physical and chemical alteration of soils to enhance their properties with additives such as cement, ash, lime, etc. stabilization can be utilized to improve overall cross section strength, and is a greener alternative to traditional pavement designs. When used properly with mix designs, stabilized subgrade will gain substantial strength.

Excavation and Fill Services

Beemer Companies extensive fleet of equipment allows us to use the right equipment for the right job and can handle both small and large scale excavation and fill projects with efficiency. With our ability to assess and bid earthwork projects, a committed work force of highly skilled and safety conscious employees with well-maintained equipment and GPS technology, there is no project too large, or schedule too demanding for us to deliver on or ahead of schedule.

Whatever your earthmoving or dirt work needs Beemer Companies has the experienced crew and the proper digging equipment in terms of mini and large excavators to put behind your trenching, excavation, or foundation work. From the first spade in the ground to construction cleanup, haul-off, final grading, and leveling, you'll be in good hands with our hard-working, customer-oriented work crews.

Swales and Retentions Services

Surface water management areas, such as ponds, ditches and swales, are constructed to trap and filter out pollutants in storm water runoff from roads, parking lots, buildings and lawns.

Beemer Companies designs storm water ponds to capture and remove pollutants from storm water runoff through processes such as percolation, filtering and/or detention. Storm water systems should be inspected on a routine basis to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Force Main Services

Beemer Companies has maintained the highest standards in force main projects it has completed for its clients. This is directly the result of the long experience and the work principals we have, dating back to 1916.

We have a solid, excellent record of projects. Ranging in pipe size from house service lines to major transmission main pumping facilities. Beemer Companies is proud of its client list and is ready to mobilize as required to meet your project needs.

Underground Sewer and Water Services

From large to small Projects, Beemer Companies can provide the professionals and manpower to meet all your sewer and water construction needs.

Proper utility construction and solutions is serious business and Beemer Companies knows how to keep your project legally compliant with local and federal regulations. This includes installing and repairing sanitary sewer force main and gravity lines, potable water mains and branches, as well as storm drains.

We have years of experience in the underground construction and installation industry and have the expertise to meet whatever challenges your particular project faces. There is no project too large and complicated for us to handle, and no job too small for our personal, professional attention.

Pump Stations Services

Beemer Companies designs, constructs, expands, and rehabilitates pump stations of all sizes, capacities and applications. Because maintaining the integrity of the water, wastewater, and/or sewer systems is critical to community and environmental health, Beemer Companies approaches every pumping station project with meticulous care. Whether expanding pumping facilities to handle population growth, installing emergency bypass systems for storm water management, rehabilitating existing facilities and underground infrastructure, setting up prepackaged pump units, or designing and building complex multi pump facilities, Beemer Companies experience and expansive construction capabilities enable us to manage the projects efficiently from beginning to end saving time, money, and community disruption.

Lakeshore Improvement Services

Beemer Companies offers new construction or repairs to; stream banks, lakeshores and wetland restoration. They are important ecosystems that provide habitats for wildlife and they are also critical in controlling erosion, flooding, run-off and groundwater levels. We have the experience for restoring and/or protecting your property with our specialized low impact equipment.


Beemer Companies Underground Utility Division can complete your sanitary sewer system, water mains, storm water systems, including storm water retention and detention. All types of pipe materials are used, to list a few: HDPE, PVC and Concrete. We have capabilities of jointing HDPE pipes by butt fusion or socket fusion. Beemer Companies also has specialized equipment to perform trenchless installation by pipe bursting an existing line and pulling in a new line. Pipe size includes 3/4" up to 2" water service and 4" and 6" sewer service for pipe bursting. The need for this type of installation is with water services, sewer services and field tile lines that go under roads. We also offer hydro-excavation, video inspection, manhole rehab, and many other services to complete your project. Call us for your next residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal project.

Aggregate Services

Beemer Companies has sand and gravel, clay, and black dirt in our pit and offer complete trucking service for all types of aggregate including: driveway rock, decorative landscape rock, large boulders, and rip-rap. Also we can provide most aggregate classification to meet the specifications of your project. Also If you need to have excess materials removed from your site, we have trucks and dump sites to fulfill your needs.


Tree roots, minerals, dirt, grease, sewage and sludge buildup can restrict or clog any pipe and affect the function of the plumbing system at your residential or commercial property. Impairments in the piping need to be cleared in order to maintain optimal operation. Most plumbers offer snaking as the means to clear a blockage. Beemer Companies offers hydro-jetting, the use of high-pressure water to cut through blockages. It doesn’t just make a hole in the blockage, it completely removes the blockage altogether. We can use our hydro-jetter to clear residential and commercial waterlines, field tile, process piping, and frozen pipes.

Locating Services

Beemer Companies locates and marks any and all underground utilities and structures. We have the ability to locate using active and passive locating methods.

Some of the utilities we can locate are:

  • Water lines
  • Sewage lines
  • Field tile
  • Electric lines
  • Sprinkler lines
  • Gas lines
  • Rebar within concrete
  • Voids in concrete

If we are unable to locate utilities using the methods above, we are able to safely hydro-vac down to any utilities to visually inspect.


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