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Well Drilling Services

Well Drilling Services

Beemer Companies is one of the most well-known names in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. The company was established in 1916, and five generations later we are one of the top well drilling companies in the area. Specializing in all phases of well work including: wells for single family homes as well as large wells for agriculture, municipalities, environmental monitoring and irrigation wells for golf courses.

We offer complete drilling for geothermal including closed-loop "Geo Exchange" systems and groundwater heat pumps. We will work with HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) contractors to provide turnkey installations for heating and cooling your home. We pride ourselves in our service to the customer with the highest yield of clean potable water.

Well Rehabilitation Services

Beemer Companies has the ability to rehabilitate all types of wells from single family homes as well as large wells for agriculture, municipalities, ethanol plants, environmental monitoring and irrigation wells for golf courses. Beemer Companies also has the ability to comply with zero liquid discharge.

We offer a variety of cleaning services including air lifting, AIRSHOCK®, and chemical treatment of wells and screens.

Air lifting will create sufficient air pressure that results in a continuous flow of aerated water out of the top of the well, removing sediment and fine particles. AIRSHOCK® involves a creation of a shock wave and oscillating gas bubble after each pulse, resulting in removing hardened scale and biological build-up from the screen, gravel pack and surrounding area. For more information on AIRSHOCK®, visit

Geo-Thermal Well Services

Beemer Companies offers complete drilling for geothermal including closed-loop "Geo Exchange" systems and groundwater heat pumps. We will work with HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) contractors to provide turnkey installations for heating and cooling your home.

Geothermal wells are designed to use the Earth's relatively constant subsurface temperature along with a heat exchanger to either add or to remove heat from a house or business.

Commercial Well Services

Beemer Companies uses a variety of techniques when drilling and servicing commercial wells. Prior to starting the drilling process, we will research our database of all water wells in the area. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we can custom design a project timeline and budget depending on the depth and rock formation.

Beemer Companies only uses state of the art, well maintained equipment and has the capability to drill over 1,000 feet. Beemer Companies will efficiently complete your commercial water wells on budget and on schedule.

Residential Well Service

Beemer Companies provides a range of maintenance, diagnostic, repair and testing services for private well owners. Beemer Companies has employees on call nights and weekends and we stock a wide range of parts so you're not left waiting.

Beemer Companies can replace any size of submersible pump, install new pressure tanks, replace pressure switches, install a new control box, and can test water for a variety of parameters.

We are particularly aware of the issues a homeowner faces when their family depends on a water well for all their home (and possibly home business) needs. We do our best to arrive in the shortest time possible, keeping costs low and turnaround times at a minimum. Your family is your most important priority, and we realize how important a fresh and consistent supply of water is to everyone. We offer you accurate arrival times, realistic estimated times for repair, and availability for questions or concerns that may arise during the process. We appreciate your trust in us, and we will do everything possible to earn that trust!

Agricultural Well Services

Beemer Companies knows that farmers and livestock operations livelihoods depends on the consistent and dependable availability of ground water resources. Beemer Companies caters to the critical needs of these vital members of our community by offering the fastest response times in the area, expert pump repair or replacement, and water well rehabilitation services.

Beemer Companies serves farms and livestock operations of all kinds across Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. We have the capability of drilling various irrigation and agricultural water wells to meet your specific needs. Our trained and experienced professionals understand the delicate balance needed to grow top-production crops and sustain healthy livestock.

Force Main Services

Beemer Companies has maintained the highest standards in force main projects it has completed for its clients. This is directly the result of the long experience our line work principals have, dating back to 1916.

We have a solid, excellent record of projects. Ranging in pipe size from house service lines to major transmission main pumping facilities. Beemer Companies is proud of its client list and is ready to mobilize as required to meet your project needs.

Underground Sewer and Water Services

From large to small Projects, Beemer Companies can provide the professionals and manpower to meet all your sewer and water construction needs.

Proper utility construction and solutions is serious business and Beemer Companies knows how to keep your project legally compliant with local and federal regulations. This includes installing and repairing sanitary sewer force main and gravity lines, potable water mains and branches, as well as storm drains.

We have years of experience in the underground construction and installation industry and have the expertise to meet whatever challenges your particular project faces. There is no project too large and complicated for us to handle, and no job too small for our personal, professional attention.

Pump Stations Services

Beemer Companies designs, constructs, expands, and rehabilitates pump stations of all sizes, capacities and applications. Because maintaining the integrity of the water, wastewater, and/or sewer systems is critical to community and environmental health, Beemer Companies approaches every pumping station project with meticulous care. Whether expanding pumping facilities to handle population growth, installing emergency bypass systems for storm water management, rehabilitating existing facilities and underground infrastructure, setting up prepackaged pump units, or designing and building complex multi pump facilities, Beemer Companies experience and expansive construction capabilities enable us to manage the projects efficiently from beginning to end saving time, money, and community disruption.


Beemer Companies Underground Utility Division can complete your sanitary sewer system, water mains, storm water systems, including storm water retention and detention. All types of pipe materials are used, to list a few: HDPE, PVC and Concrete. We have capabilities of jointing HDPE pipes by butt fusion or socket fusion. Beemer Companies also has specialized equipment to perform trenchless installation by pipe bursting an existing line and pulling in a new line. Pipe size includes 3/4" up to 2" water service and 4" and 6" sewer service for pipe bursting. The need for this type of installation is with water services, sewer services and field tile lines that go under roads. We also offer hydro-excavation, video inspection, manhole rehab, and many other services to complete your project. Call us for your next residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal project.

Video Well Inspection

Our downhole well camera has the ability to video inspect any size well from small residential wells to large commercial wells up to 1,200 feet deep. With the down-hole and side-view camera, we can diagnose any problems your well is having and fix them efficiently. The camera's integrated DVR records the inspection to a USB flash drive for further examination and filing.


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